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Friday, April 6, 2012

Niki's Ramblings!

I wanted to blog for quite a long time now, but I always postponed it or I was just too bored and lazy to do so, but looks like it's time to make another blog post! Yay!!

I've been busy with college, well mostly when my exams began - which, btw I passed all but one! - basketball  practice and games and also with tweeting. I'm really trying to tweet less, but I don't know, I just LOVE tweeting. There are so many interesting tweeps and so many cool celebs I follow that I like reading them and also retweeting them. Then my whole TV shows obsessing grew even more, if that's possible, when I bought a new computer with a huge flat screen and everything looks so HD I enjoy the shows even more! Me LUVs. So the shows I'm currently watching and will be watching during my Easter break (YAY FOR EASTER BREAK!)  are both new and old! 

Ringer starring Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of my favorite, which never stops to amaze me. 
Today I finally caught up with The Big Bang Theory. Season 5 is hilarious, Sheldon is like the best character EVAR made. Well, not really, we all know Cole Turner is the best character of all time. Duh. Yeah. Don't even get me started. 
During the Christmas Holidays I watched all the episodes of Pretty Little Liars and finished season 2. Let's not talk about the A Revelation, cause it was kinda disappointing and it will take long. 
ALSO caught up with Supernatural! I'm watching SPN with my mom and we were an episode behind and we were like yeah, we got this and now guess what! We're 3 episodes behind and there is an all new episode tonight. Allow me to use the appropriate hashtag here: #Fail. I really really REALLY want to watch Cas' return, I've been waiting for so long and now he is back. We need to watch the episodes ASAP! 
Next is Game of Thrones, I've watched the first 5 episodes and I loved it, but it doesn't give me the feeling of "OMG. I can't wait for the next ep.", so yeah. But now in season 2 I hear the supernatural element begins so it will get a lot more interesting!! 
Another TV show I'm late to 3 years is The Vampire Diaries! What took me so long people? I finished season 1 with my mom and we began season 2. I have to admit that in the beginning I was leaning to Team Stefan, but after he got a little crazy towards the end of season 1, I was more on Team Damon. Man, they are both so deliciously yummy, Elena doesn't deserve them!! Speaking of Elena, I kinda wish they had chosen another actress... 
Anyway, continuing with some old shows, my Gilmore Girls rewatch, started 2-3 years ago is coming to its end, as I'm on season 7. Gilmore Girls is one of my all time favorite shows and I believe that it deserved at least one more season. Lorelai rocks! 
Oh, back to the new shows, Parenthood is the show I started watching because of Lauren Graham(Lorelai!) and it's good. Watched one season in less than 3 days and I'll be watching season 2 some time in the near future. 
Now I know, that it will sound a bit crazy, but I hadn't watched Buffy: The Vampire Slayer before and I started only 2 years ago and I'm still on season 3! LoL I remember people comparing Buffy with Charmed and got me all mad when they claimed Buffy was a better show than Charmed and I have to disagree on this one. CHARMED IS CLEARLY A BETTER SHOW
Profiler is a very old show from 1996 that I started watching this week. It's Julian McMahon's first show and I had to watch it till Julian's new show Rogue begins! OMG. Can't wait, FOX must pick it up! 
Last year, I watched on Greek TV the final season of Nip/Tuck and then I got all depressed, so I had to rewatch the show, as I had missed some episodes from various seasons. I finished season 1 and a couple of weeks ago I continue with season 2. 
Now, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill (can't believe the finale aired two days ago.. *sad face*), Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and The Secret Circle I must catch up. As I'm writing this post The Walking Dead is being downloaded. It's something that can keep me going till the new season of the epic American Horror Story premieres. 

I think I mentioned all the shows that interest me and it's kinda long and short all at the same time, cause I should have blogged more in the past. Maybe. So, I gotta go now and get ready, cause "Oscarina" will be waiting for me to go to Hamptons Cupcakes and she'll get mad if I'm late! Ha! C ya! xXx