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Monday, September 19, 2011

Scavenger Hunt!

 Inspired by youtuber Brittani Louise Taylor's Scavenger Hunt, challenged by the other youtuber, Toby, I was challenged by Kostas to go and find the following items:

- Statue of a politician
- Flower bouquet
- Lantern Lamp
- Church
- Anchor
- Besamel


He asked me to find a fanari(= traffic light/lantern lamp), so I chose to find the second meaning of the word!

This church is located at the castle of Monemvasia. Took this pic at summer!

Spongebob's anchor!

Mousakas with besamel!

So there! I had one week to find all 6 items. Looks like something is missing, huh? Well, I didn't have time to find a statue of a politician.
5/6 isn't bad at all!!!

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