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Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome to Niki's Salad!

Hello! I'm Niki and this is my new blog "Niki's Salad". By the name of my blog, you might expect it to be about cooking and recipes, but no! I fooled you right? It is about music, TV, cinema, celebrities, sports, interesting videos and generally news from all over the world. I'll try to update it daily and I hope you enjoy it.

P.S. I might be blogging a lot about Alyssa Milano. Actually scratch that, I AM going to be blogging a lot about Alyssa Milano. She's not only my favorite actress, but also as a person I admire her a lot. I mean who doesn't?


Antonis said...

Kalh arxh!!!!xxxx

zomgas said...

se ekana add. kali arxi. ime o kostaszomgas

cilla said...

Hey Niki congrats for your new blog, I think it'll be something very interesting. I will keep in touch with the updates. Bravo ! Thank you for sharing your hobbies ! I send you a lot of hugs from Paris, your friend 4 ever Sonia.