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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kalomoira is back!

After two years since she won the 3rd place representing Greece in the Eurovision song contest, Kalomoira is back with a new hot song "Please Don't Break My Heart" featuring American rapper, Fat Man Scoop.

The song is fresh and there are two versions; a slow one and a dancing one. The video for the song was filmed in Turkey, the background is animated and I think that it is her best work. Both the song and video are amazing. Kalomoira shows her RnB and sexy side and proves that her talent is big and has yet to give more not only to the greek audience, but abroad, too.
"Please Don't Break My Heart" is a big hit and can totally become a hit in all the hot clubs worldwide. When you listen to the song you want to sing and dance, get up and do your thing as Madonna says. It was totally worth waiting for Kalomoira's new music and I can't wait to listen to the whole album, which will be released in mid 2010.
Click below to watch "Please Don't Break My Heart"!

Kalomoira who was the winner of the Greek Fame Story 2, except for being a singer and a greek pop idol with 4 studio albums, she had taken a role on the successful TV series "Lampsi" and also hosted "Big in Japan". As you can see Kalomoira is "Big in Greece", but no matter what, she remains down to earth and she is always open to her fans, which makes her a true shining star!

Kalomoira in Eurovision 2008

As for her personal life, Kalomoira doesn't have to beg her boyfriend not to break her heart, because she is getting married on September 26 her long time boyfriend George Boosalis!

Congratulations Kalomoira and I wish you all the best in life because you desrve it!

Follow Kalomoira on twitter, she replies to everyone and you can get to know her more! She is the sweetest!

You can buy "Please don't break my Heart" here:

Kalomoira in Eurovision in amazing dress by J.Lo 2008.

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