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Monday, June 7, 2010

Pretty Little Liars Premiering tomorrow on ABC!

Holly Marie Combs's much anticipated return on TV!

Pretty Little Liars, which premieres tomorrow on ABC Family, is based on the Pretty Little Liars series of young adult novels by Sara Shepard. The series follows the lives of four girls; Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily, whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of Alison. Three years later someone who is using the name "A" sends messages to the girls threatening them to expose their secrets.

Lucy Hale plays Aria Montgomery, Ashley Benson as Hanna Marin, Troian Bellisario as Spencer Hastings and last but not least Emily Fields plays Shay Mitchell.

Holly Marie Combs also plays on Pretty Little Liars Aria's mother, Ella Montgomery. Holly's fans are very enthusiastic for her anticipated return on TV since Charmed, which ended in 2006. 

Here is an interview Holly gave to the New York Post:
On why she chose Pretty Little Liars: What I wanted to do this pilot season was find something that was worth leaving my kids for. This show was seamless - they said I would work two to three days a week on this contemporary series and remain a float in the business. At the same time, I could be home long enough to make my kids realize they weren’t raised by nannies. Which is my biggest goal at the moment.

On her character: Ella is like the very modern, laid-back mom who lets her kids be individuals. She’s the very liberal mom, which I myself am not. So I have a little bit of a struggle.
On the show adhering the book series on which it's based: We're trying to cover everything the books encompass in a way that makes everybody feel satisfied. Which is basically an impossible task. The books had a very big following as it was, so there’s some responsibility to be loyal to what's in them. But that being said, we’re going to go through them very quickly.
I think Ella’s husband doesn't have an affair till the second book and we have that in the first episode. We’re expediting storylines. And from what I heard, they get divorced and Ella begins dating younger men. Which kind of horrifies me.

Tune on ABC Family tomorrow at 8 p.m. to watch the premiere of Pretty Little Liars and come back to comment!

Watch the promo! and A sneak peak with Holly Marie Combs! 

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