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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This is outrageous: Baby smoking!

I came across this video on , which shocked me and made me mad, but also very sad, I mean who wouldn't be?

 There is a little baby in Indonesia who smokes since he was only 18 months. I'm sure you all wonder how a toddler would come in contact with cigarettes. His father was the one who introduced them to the baby and inevitably leads him to severe health problems. Adults should not smoke, because it causes heart problems, cancer and so many more health problems, as we all know. Imagine what it can do to a little baby that has not even fully developed yet. He needs 2 packs a day or else he acts like an addict, because he is an addict. His own father claims that the newborn is healthy. 

Awareness has to be spread so sights like this one can be prevented.

Here is how smoking can harm babies:

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